New Jerusalem

Synopsis:  This is the amazing retelling of the story of Jesus (Yeshua) as he was known then. Based in part on the interpretation of the Gospels made from discoveries in the Dead Sea Scrolls, the timeless story unfolds as it actually happened. Who was Jesus as a living breathing human being? Who were his apostles as living breathing human beings? Who were the women in his life? What were the struggles of his people in a country under the dominion of the Roman Empire?

The story begins with Jesus having been cast out from the strict ascetic Essene community of Qumran by the Dead Sea. The orthodox priests viewed him as illegitimate, and not the messiah that they had hoped for with their harboring of the dynastic family bloodline since King David. So Jesus, equipped with a vast sacred knowledge from years of study within the community, began his mission to show the world he was indeed the messiah. He had the support of the Samaritan Jews, the Magi, Gentiles and other progressives, and sought to overturn the strict fundamental laws of the aristocratic Sadducee and Pharisee priests.

His ministry was simple. He began to oppose the strict laws and allow Gentiles communion which before had been prohibited to them as unclean. This meant offering bread and wine at communion, and mass baptisms in the Dead Sea. His followers grew in number; his mission became famous as he cured the blind, and healed the sick, even raising some from the dead. These miracles were actually metaphors for conversions to born-again Jews who believed in his reforms.

Jesus had the support of powerful people including Simon Magus, a Samaritan High Priest, zealot and Magian; Judas Iscariot, zealot, Angel Gabriel, Chief Scribe and Treasurer of the Qumran city compound; Theudas-Barnabbas, physician, zealot, and a nun who became known as Mary Magdalene, later his wife.

Tensions rose as the Roman Governor, Pontius Pilate, gets increasingly desperate to find the zealots. All comes to a dramatic head when after Judas’ betrayal the zealot leaders are caught in Qumran, called New Jerusalem to the monks. It was here by the Dead Sea that the famous trial and crucifixion took place, and Jesus arrested with the zealots (thieves), though he was a leader of the peace faction.

The outcome of course we all know – ultimately the Christian religion, which grew out of Judaism. What most people don’t know is that Jesus actually survived the crucifixion. New Jerusalem is the incredible true story.

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