Synopsis: This is an adventure-sci-fi-action story about an alien woman mercenary with phenomenal technology assigned to save earth from another alien mercenary bent on making it his personal fiefdom. Remi (Mirymne) cannot locate her nemesis Roman (Palak) who has embedded in humanity. She uses the CIA, specifically two low level IT analysts, Steve and Stacy, to help. Roman poses a terrible threat to earth with the power to control human destiny by integrating his species for human ‘fresh’ DNA. According to her galactic mandate, Remi must at first find a human liaison (what they term an ‘emperor’) to help on her quest. She chooses a musician, Gar, for his humility, who is an American living in Paris playing in a band at a club. The band members are his ‘family’, and the bassist, Marie, a French woman, his ex-girlfriend, becomes initially an unknowing pawn between the alien super powers. And so begins the quest. To protect the human right to self-determination, Remi must remain anonymous and at the same time reveal little by little to sceptical authorities what is happening so that by revealing herself, she will draw the attention of Roman and expose him for what he is. Both Roman and Remi have technology far beyond anything on earth, and because of certain protective security cannot detect each other apart from humans. What ensues is a battle of wits. Invariably, Roman is a dangerous sociopath, and tensions come to a crisis that brings about mass media alien presence. Hanging in the balance is the fate of the earth and the timeless struggle between good and evil.

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