Among the Blueberries

Synopsis: Among the Blueberries is the sequel to A Purple Sky (Zephyrus), but as a novel – the author’s first of epic proportions. In 321 pages, the story in effect picks up a generation later, when the offspring of the original characters try to assimilate into society from the wilderness, and befriend some good people. But disaster strikes when their child, Blueberry, is abducted and raised in a surrogate family as Jessica. In spite of that, this child grows up to be a very special individual though led into some nefarious activity and finally at twenty years old a pseudo-religious leader attempts to co-opt her gifts in order to promulgate his own new-age system. But just before that her natural father, Felix, eventually discovers where she has been all those intervening years and attempts to track her down in a climactic race before she comes to serious harm.