About Me

Robin Matchett was born in Paris, France in 1956 of Canadian parents, and moved to Canada at four years old. Apparently, on the way, he spent hours in a porthole watching the sea, pondering existence. Now his whole life is a porthole; a regret being he didn’t stay in France a bit longer. He became native Canadian, steeped in the elements from where he commands a land-locked ship from a bridge on a windy hill, enduring long relentless winters. Still unreleased from the yoke of his servitude, he dabbles in the stars unlocking secrets from the past and the future. Seriously, as a student of history, he has faithfully transcribed his well-researched studies of the Shake-speare authorship conundrum, the alien phenomenon, the true origins of Christianity, and other realities into various literary forms, including film scripts, and continues to do so. He is known to be well-read, enjoy wholesome homegrown culinary pursuits, calvados, multi-musical inclinations including the Grateful Dead, among other eclectic interests. He is of a retiring nature known to watch movies and dream about beautiful women, one of whom has yet to land in her space ship. He has little commercial sense, but wary when it comes to financial security, fearing greatly freezing to death in a snow drift or hovel of sticks in a forest. Likely, as a survivor he would stowaway for Ste. Barthe and find paradise on a remote grassy berm among the goats with the ocean in his ear. Rob has given me, the author of this brief biography, his full undying permission to write exactly what he would himself.