A Fish Fell From the Sky

 Synopsis: A Fish Fell From the Sky is an action drama that takes one on a unique life journey through past and present. Dr. Aurora Trout, working in a Pakistani refugee camp is kidnapped by a drug dealer, then the Taliban. She tries to save the life of a woman falsely accused of adultery from being stoned to death. Then stoned herself and presumed dead, Aurora is buried in a cheap coffin in the desert. Through the lens of her fading consciousness weaving through past and present, the reader is engaged upon a journey of her wayward life. Born to young teenage parents, and beginning on a farm in Ontario, then to Tennessee, to California, and on to South Asia for numerous years, her story flows like a fantasy, both hilarious and shocking. Meanwhile, alerted a few days before her demise, Aurora’s estranged, long divorced parents – a part Native American father, Joe, and now wealthy upper class mother, Stella , attempt to save her by his calling up an old friend from their time decades before in Afghanistan. Joe, with his friend, Pasha, now a warlord called Baba Ku, do their utmost to find out what happened to her. While hovering in her semi-comatose state as her life fades, a helping hand from a dreamscape of various spiritual messengers tempt inexorably Aurora’s godlessness, including a fourteen year old boy, Johnny, her father’s best friend from youth who had died tragically. It’s a race for time to find Aurora, as the forces of good and evil play out across their lives from past and present, building dramatically to its incredible conclusion.