People of the Sky

Synopsis:  This sci-fi drama is set in the present with reflections that go back a generation and involves a few old friends whose lives are forever altered when a young man, Raymond Ackpey, disappeared almost thirty years before. The circumstances of his vanishing are both tragic and extraordinary, leading to hearsay of alien abduction. Two young women and best friends, Tommy and Pamela, who knew him intimately, never really come to terms over his ‘death’, but carried on with their lives in spite of what seemed to have been bequeathed with him through their separate and torrid affairs in their youth. At the same time, they pursued career and family life from their own unique vantages, with a remembrance of their lost friend as a kind of semi-mythological phantom. Then he returned – a super-hero who must remain anonymous.

Nothing could have been more shocking than the return of Ackpey. The past collides with the present. Not only are the lives of the principal characters thrown awry, but as it turns out, Ackpey’s disappearance and supposed death was more than just some quirky aberration and misadventure. This involves the complicity of the government in a sensational scenario whereby Ackpey had been an unwitting pawn in an extraterrestrial incident so classified he had been rendered officially deceased in order to carry out a mission. This mission, in which he had been inadvertently sequestered by a true alien species – Itibians – was to go into space with them for five years and return at the latest in ten years. The Itibians he traveled with had visited earth to seek new botanical DNA for their research. Although a hundred thousand years in advance of humanity and decidedly utopian and elusive, these uniquely evolved people encountered trouble when they stopped in the Sahara to examine an anomaly and were accosted suddenly by an army tank unit on a training run at which time their craft was fired upon and damaged enough to prevent their escape.

Notwithstanding the incredulity of Ackpey’s old friends, upon his return he assuaged their fears and conveyed to them his new amazing cultural demographics, yet showed that he was still the humble Ackpey they had always known. Their revitalized friendship was short-lived however, because an exclusive intelligence committee found out he had returned, and being unaccountable to any congressional or senatorial restraint, wanted him fearing that if the public got wind of the reality of what Ackpey represented, it would destabilize the status quo and quite likely, if unchecked, lead to domestic chaos and international instability, and more specifically the loss of power. The reason being it would emerge that specific agencies had for fifty years kept people in the dark about the truth and maintained an illegal satellite government that ruled with impunity over extremely sensitive issues such as exclusive technological superiority.

Ackpey, true to his obliging nature, willingly went with his old contact to a secret base to download a mother-lode of information about the galaxy and the universe, numerous other advanced civilizations, technology, spirituality, universal life and the unsurprising nature of how primitive our own world was in comparison. The point was that no advanced civilization wanted to have anything to do with earth in its present state. We were considered primitive for our confusion, ignorance and self-destruction as a species.

Unfortunately, a sinister chimera of this secret government discovered that Ackpey had a hybrid daughter and sought to incarcerate her too, but with the help of Ackpey’s friends and some sympathetic officials, their attempts were foiled. Maria, his daughter, became the victim of a power struggle within the secret government and its European counterpart. Ackpey’s friends felt they had no choice but to go public with what they knew which created a crisis, unfortunately at the expense of Ackpey, his daughter and friends.